Electric Vehicle Repairs

Certified Electric Vehicles Auto Body Repair

Performing bodywork on an EV is a little bit more challenging than on a traditional vehicle. Parts can be difficult to source, the inspection and repair process is more involved, and work must be carefully performed to avoid disturbing the high-voltage systems under the sheet metal of every EV. Secor Auto Group is well-prepared to work on your Tesla, Polestar, Audi, Volvo or other electric vehicles. Trust our experts to get you back on the road and enjoying your electric vehicle.

Certified Tesla Auto Body Repairs

Tesla vehicles are highly advanced, requiring specific tools, careful work, and a well-trained eye. Secor Auto Group is one of a select group of body shops nationwide trusted to make auto body repairs on your Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S, or Model 3. Don't leave your beloved Tesla in the hands of just any auto body shop - trust Secor Auto Group to get it right the first time.